Text Teachings – Learn by Reading

Welcome to The Amen Ministries, Revealing the truth by Dr. Kamanda Robert the Senior Elder. This a site where you can find teachings in text format. You can read, download and reproduce without limit in order to bring the will of God to fulfillment.


Acknowledgement to Word Of Faith Apostolic Bible School

  1. A Life Of Faith
  2. Ascension Of God’s People
  3. Being Filled With The Holy Spirit
  4. Blood Of The Cross
  5. Consecration
  6. Dispensation Of The Spirit
  7. Dominion
  8. Entering His Rest
  9. Feeding On God’s Word
  10. Foundational Principles
  11. Four Pillars of an Apostolic People
  12. Hebrews
  13. Household Of god
  14. Israel Of God
  15. Law Of The Spirit
  16. Nehemiah Gates
  17. New Testament Message Of Jesus Christ
  18. Old Testament
  19. Prayer
  20. Renewing The Mind
  21. Servanthood
  22. Son Of God The Spiritual Man
  23. Spiritual Economics
  24. Spiritual Sight
  25. Spiritually Speaking
  26. Tabernacle Of Moses
  27. Table Of The Lord
  28. The Ark And The Glory
  29. The Bible
  30. The Covenant
  31. The Feasts – Our Journey
  32. The First Born Principle
  33. The Great Transition
  34. The Hearing Ear
  35. The Lamb
  36. The Levites
  37. The Meeting Place
  38. The Overcomer
  39. The Works Of The Holy Spirit
  40. What It Means To Be a Christian