About Dr. Kamanda Robert

Dr. Kamanda Robert is a Ugandan and a minister of the gospel since 1996. He is married to Pr. Christine Kamanda, an associate pastor at The Amen Commission Church where he is the Senior Elder, a biological father of four sons and one daughter. He is the director of The Amen Commission and Community Care Missions (The Amen Ministries), the international overseer of Finding the Lost 2×2 Mission, a missionary army that presently covers twenty-seven nations of Africa with the message of the Kingdom, the Doctrine of Christ.

Dr. Kamanda Robert
Dr. Kamanda Robert

He has a zeal of seeing everyone saved and come to the accurate understanding of the truth, the truth that they are sons of God and God is their father, walking and operating in God’s order, the Father Son Order, the order of Christ. He fathers a number spiritual sons, he himself being is a son of George S. Mkandawire, a son of Karel Sanders, a son of Thamo Naidoo.

Dr. Kamanda has testified a number of great works of the heavenly father in his life, in the ministry and in different communities around the world. In brief, he has walked a life of progress as a servant of God whom God saved from death to be born again that now he teaches what he does, and he has not ignored the call of God in his life that since he began the ministry he has not failed to move with God, completely trusting him even in the impossible things and by the grace, he has been able to raise sons who work hand in hand with him in church, missions and other works. He is a man known for love and righteousness in his practical life and in his teachings he emphasizes the Father Son Relationship which is the order of God (Christ – the fullness of God) and the kingdom of God which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

He has initiated The Apostolic School Of The Word by Finding The Lost 2×2 Mission, which takes place periodically every year in Kampala Uganda. And there after, together with his fellow elders in the body of Christ, he commissions hundreds of missionaries to different cities and countries of Africa to fulfill the word of our Lord, looking forward to continue and cover the whole world with the gospel of the kingdom of God, locally and internationally.

He has expanded the Apostolic Schools to church leaders in different parts of nations, making conferences for all church leaders with an intention of bringing the understanding to those who could not attend the schools which takes place in Kampala. The doctrine of Christ, the Father Son doctrine has been found lacking in the church hence people living in ignorance (darkness). Therefore, teaching the leaders is of need in order to come to the conclusion of the old chapter of life, to shift into our finished position as sons of God and then we shall be able to fully represent him on the earth.

He has raised thousands of missions oriented gospel ministers all over the churches Finding the Lost 2×2 Mission has reached. His travels basically in Africa are intensively focused on Raising African Missionaries and commissioning them for the work of evangelism and equipping of the churches with a purpose of maturing the saints into responsible sons of God and citizens in the kingdom of God and in their respective nations.

He has managed to offer a four hectare land for the church and missions structured premises where the International Missions Center block of three stories was finished in 2016 and in the June of the same year, the four stories block of the church is under construction. This is where the gospel ministers who come for study in the school have accommodation and others who come to Uganda for missions can have this accommodation accordingly.

He has initiated a number of other projects like in agriculture he has developed Able Hand Agricultural Farm in Mityana district Uganda, where many community members have been employed and given lessons of farming as one of the strategies of raising their standards of living in their communities. On the same land, he has began Father’s Love Primary School, which will later have a Secondary section and a Vocational section and it has also played a very big role in the availability of education, especially to the fatherless and those who come from very poor families.

He has commenced a water project, hand in hand with Mercy and Grace Foundation, where boreholes are planted in the communities where it is very difficult to access water for daily life. Since this project was begun in 2015, twenty-five boreholes are in use by people of different communities in Uganda.